A driving force in Insect Management Technologies

EctoMedica Ltd creates innovative technologies for Insect Management. We modify existing products, to improve efficacy, dose time, or consumer experience and our expertise and knowledge has to the creation of some of the market leading products in insect management.

Bespoke Products

EctoMedica design formulations tailored to our clients requirements, whether this is to use a specific active ingredient, to be COSMOS certified, Organic, or to have a desired effect on application we can make the product to your requirements.

EctoMedica have access to a team of consultants who have between them created some of the most well known insect products for clients currently available on the market. These innovative products include those for head lice that work with a short exposure time to kill lice and their eggs, an effective egg remover, flea sprays, and mite products. Many of our products are patentable therefore protecting the future of the product and our clients return.

/Reformulation Expertise

EctoMedica can reformulate existing products to create enhancements that make them more effective, lower the application time, or we can change the delivery method to enhance consumer experience and to deliver the active ingredient in a more effective way.

This helps our clients to continue with their well known products but still able to compete successfully in an ever changing market.


EctoMedica have access to a wide network of Formulation, Chemical, and Regulatory consultants who can help with product creation, stability, and paperwork to bring the product to market.